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Exclusive Treatment

I do not charge different rates for my services, I charge for my time. I use a wide variety of massage modalities based off of an individuals needs.


My techniques will change throughout the session based off of our discussion at intake and what I find. I encourage you to tell me what you like and don't like, so that we can build a relationship and I can provide the right treatment for you.


I look forward to seeing you soon!

30 Minute Spot-Treatment $50

Focus on a specific area of your body where tension tends to build up. It is the ultimate tune-up for the spots that cause grief, discomfort and even disrupt routine activities, such as sleeping and working.


60 Minute Massage or Reiki, $90

A full hour of relaxation, energy healing or the ability to focus on more of your problem areas and start to resolve your issues with tension and pain. This amount of time allows for a full body massage or intense, specific therapy.


90 Minute Massage and/or Reiki $130

A full 90 minutes of thorough bodywork, offering more time to be fully immersed in relaxation, focus on areas that may need extra attention and allow for a wider range of techniques to be used on the body. Sometimes, we may feel pain in one area of our bodies but not realize it is stemming from another location. This amount of time allows us to find all areas that may be causing pain or tension and the necessary time to address them.


Add on hot towels or hot stones $10

Enhance circulation and relax those tight muscles with one or both of these add ons. Please let me know in advance, so that I can prepare for the treatment.

Get in Touch

Call or text 818.429.5549

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